• An artists responsibility

Art is about the truth. I try to find the truth and on my way doing so I dig up a lot of personal dirt. Sometimes making art of this dirt could be helpful for others if it’s clothed in a universal understandable language. I as an artist should be very careful so I don’t put stuff into the world that lessens the quality of other peoples lives or hardens the relation between men. I think the époque where the artists broke boundaries at any cost is passé, the artist should take the challenge of being uttermost intelligent in the way of understanding relations between people. Taking care of and help each other out by creating art that can change people’s lives in a positive way. I believe in this. Well this is one opinion one amongst millions, you do not have to agree nor disagree.

  • Art as a mean to communicate

I need to make art, simply to survive. And as an self centered artist I am convinced that art should be equally important to everyone else…..

But seriously, since we live in a super materialized world that does everything to hinder our abilities to reach and elaborate our inner life I believe making art is more important than ever. As a matter of fact we all have the possibilities to make art in our everyday life. It is as simple as how we move, watching an athlete is sometimes an beautiful artistic experience. The way we write, or how we arrange the dinner on our plate. Or your clothes in the closet, lay them in different order and watch how the colours intermingle.  

So if we picked up a brush, mixed colours, putted them on a canvas, brought it outside and met up, would some of us find that we had made an identical piece?  If we were mute would the paintings help us in getting to know each other? Would we stick to those who made a similar piece? Or one that made an opposing one?  If we could say that both what I made and what attracted me express something about myself, then we may conclude;  pay attention when you are exposed to art. Not to analyze the art object but to observe and analyze your own reaction. Who made the piece, when, how long it took, the title, the price, all of this is irrelevant. Your interaction with the object is the issue!

  •  What does art cost

It should be for free – we should all do art and share it!

I do not like how we valuate each other, time, commodities in a sum of money. Sadly this is how our world works at the moment, but I have been thinking;  if I want to buy me a new dress and go straight to the tailor not considering the material costs the price should tell me about how much labor is put into it. The amount of time should be multiplied with how much the buyer earns per hour, giving the buyer a chance to understand measured in her own time and money. It will be difficult for the tailor when he wants to buy eg cloth and have different hour ratings to relate to, so the easiest would be if we all earned the same amount of money per hour. 🙂  

Since this is also not the case and will most likely never be, I am stuck in putting a price on my work, also because I would have to multiply the buyers wage per hour with the amount of hour I have been living because it took me and my soul until to day to come this far enabling me to produce this art. My soul come from a different dimension than the money/valuating system so it is hard for me to combine these two and make any offer, but if you are interested I am open to any suggestion.

  • The way ahead

My plan is to let my hands work the paper freely, that is to the length my mind is able to keep still and my feelings are serene. After doing the drawings at Christmas I am looking forward to see if there is a noticeable difference from the work I did in January to that in February and so on. Maybe also compare winter with spring, summer and fall?  Well first I will split up by months, following the Zodiac, then see where the analyzing is heading, add, adjust etc.

I tend to sing when drawing and I have been thinking maybe some movements are connected to different intervalls? And why do a particular kind of tune pop up as I start using the colour green?  I do exercises every day and want to understand more about colour and music. I will be more allert next time I hear myself sing, observing maybe to find a possible path for where to start a more scientific approach. I am also curious about the sounds, that is the alphabet and colours, movement. My idea is to sing an A, letter A, where the pitch is indifferent and then hopefully something will emerge on the paper. I will start off with the wovels.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make art, for the time being this is all I need.


1 thought on “philosophy”

  1. I have read this twice. I will read this again… Do I disagree with some – maybe. Do I agree with some – maybe. So many thoughts to re-think and question…
    I think you are putting into words some of my own thoughts, but you express them so much better (as English is my native language I think I will slink off and try to express myself better on my own blog!)
    Now I am lost for words… I will create instead


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