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Looking to my left, I saw that further up, way passed the speedbump the road was clear. The wheels was set in motion as I gazed to my right and maneuvered the car destining for the main road. As in slow motion I turned my head to the left again to discover that my eyes without seeing sensed someone floating into the situation with a power of eager curiosity. Longing with childish stupidity to witness the outcome of a car crash. The power of these evil thoughts set my car in a motion aiming to outsmart me. Me, I wasn’t prepared and hitting the side window my forehead cut an edge and blood flooded.
Paper was given me, I pressed it against the wound. Stepping out of the car a young man came up to my face and said we need to talk and fill in some forms. My eye was wide awake and saw that inside of this body he was bouncing up and down high on a car crash. He could hardly stand still as he was riding the waves while I was trying to give him my phone number, the digits kept on jumping out of their positions. I struggled with him hanging there with his phone, being so close to my face, bringing with him his irresponsible happy mood. His energy was disturbingly finding the way into my veins, nerves and lymphatic system. It was all to much.
You need to go to the doctor someone claimed and drove me to the hospital.

As I was lying in the hospital bed, tears were flowing down my eyes, they said I had had a shock. Why I thought, no one else but me got injured.
Shortly someone enters my room. Two policemen took my drivers license and said no worries this is just procedure. They apologized the rudeness of asking given the state I was in, but You are accused so we need your statement. Sadness filled me all up in a deep silent sigh, am I accused?