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Olav Aasteson fell asleep on Christmas Eve, slept for thirteen days and nights until he woke up again on Epiphany, January 6th. He wanted to tell about his visions so he rode off to the Church, sat down at the front door and sang to tell his story. He had in his dreamlike visionary state visited the afterworld, where he rode his horse across a bridge guarded by dangerous animals, he also caught a glimpse of Paradise, but first he had to go to “Broksvalinn” where the souls where to be judged. https://snl.no/Draumkvedet

Aasteson is assumed to have lived in the late Middleages and his story was written down around 1840, ” Draumekvedet”

I have always loved that time of year and ever since I heard about Olav Aasteson I started to pay more attention to these thirteen days.  Last year I decided to make a drawing for each day in order or hopefully to come closer to my inner life that tend to be so rich at this time of year. 

I will do new ones the upcoming thirteen days of Christmas.

25th of December 2014

26th of December 2014

27th of December 2014

28th of December 2014

29th of December 2014

30ieth of December 2014

31st of December 2014

1st of January 2015

2nd of January 2015

3rd of January 2015

4th of January 2015

5th of January 2015

6th of January 2015