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When summer came I felt that time had come to walk the Camino. Hard to explain in any other way than it was something I had to do. I started in Le Puy en Velay in Southern France crossed the Pyrenees and ended in Santiago de Compostella and later Fisterra in Spain. It took me two months. There is not a day passing without a memory taking me back. 

This walk marked en ending of a chapter, I headed back to Norway after 5 years in Switzerland. September came and I started drawing and working with colours  and not having a piano nearby intensified the work and process. On The Way I had revelations, I experienced silent oasis of serenity, my mind was free from thoughts, my heart was at ease and my will was only focused on putting one foot softly and calmly in front of the other. What about trying to reconstruct this state in my heart and mind letting my hands instead of my feet work and on a piece of paper instead of walking dusty roads? 

To separate thinking and feeling from my actions is difficult, but it is such an exciting and inspiring process. I can’t stop doing this eventhough every time is a struggle.